Somerville is a great place to call home and is rich in history and culture. It is regarded as the most densely populated community in New England, but its diversity, intrigue and charm, opportunities to enjoy a fulfilling life abound here. Whether you are moving into an apartment, condo, house, or student housing, here are some useful tips that can help you make a smooth cross country move.

1. Before You Move Secure Moving & Parking Permit

It’s smart to check your new neighborhood parking regulations before moving. This is essential for day parking or temporary parking so that you can easily move your belongings into your new place. You can obtain a permit for your moving van in Somerville, which would ease your worry of finding a parking spot on move-in day. Permits cost $40 per day and $45 to put a sign up to reserve your parking spot. Residential parking permit is required for your car, which costs $40. New residents can acquire a temporary permit free of cost, which is valid for up to 30 days. A residential parking permit is needed even if you own a driveway in some cases. It is best to coordinate with the current tenant to ensure a smooth moving experience.

2. Avoid September 1 Move-in Day

September 1 is perhaps the busiest moving day of the year in Somerville and the most expensive day on the moving calendar. University students, along with other renters, typically move in during early fall and late in the springtime. This is the time when many leases end and start. With many college students moving in during early September, you want to avoid making the transition during that period to dodge the chaos that can ensue. Furthermore, consider scheduling your move for late September through April to save on costs, because this is when the demand for movers generally decreases, as well as moving rates.

3. Purchase Moving Insurance

Disaster can strike when moving and items can get damaged on the journey, but with moving insurance, you can protect your belongings when moving cross country. Your choice of insurance policy will determine what does and does not get covered. Keep in mind that moving companies don’t provide moving insurance, only valuations, a fixed limit of liability in the instance of damage or destruction of goods, making it essential to get comprehensive moving insurance that covers your valuables. Moving to or from Somerville can be a hectic ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be. With careful planning with Roys Moving, moving to Somerville can be a breeze.

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