“Roy’s Moving Company moved me from Boston to Ithaca, NY four days ago and I couldn’t be happier with their service. I have moved three times in the last four years and Roy’s was by far the most professional and reasonably priced of the three Boston based moving companies. The previous two moves were within a 10 mile radius and the cost was higher than my move with Roy’s (350 miles). Lydia and Hilbert worked with me to make my move cost effective with insurance included. The crew worked extremely hard and all were professional and friendly. I can’t say enough about Hilbert (Dispatcher and Sales). He showed up the day of my move and hand packed all my artwork and valuable antiques himself. He worked as hard as the moving crew. The Forman and Driver, Fidel went above and beyond. He worked physically harder than anyone I’ve ever seen. He and Junior loaded the truck (7 hours), drove to Ithaca the next day (7 hours) unloaded the truck (8 hours) and then drove back to Boston. Unbelievably hard workers! Never a complaint from them once, they are quality people! I will recommend Roy’s to all my Boston friends and family. Moving is never easy but this team makes it bearable, less back breaking and more cost effective. Thank you Hilbert, Lydia, Fidel, Junior and Edgar. You are the best!”Julia Stevens 7/10/2017

“Best Movers”Hilberth Ramas 6/12/2017

“They gave me a 3 hour window, of 9am-11am, of when they would arrive. They actually arrived 10 mins early! The crew was very friendly and courteous and funny. They wrapped all furniture before putting it in the truck. They even took small things like canvas bags filled with odds and ends, bags of bedding etc. When we got to new condo they put down a big blanket so they wouldn’t get the carpet dirty. Set everything up for us etc. Again the whole crew was great! I would recommend them to anyone.”Gabrielle Polito 6/8/2017

“Staff was professional and incredibly effective. Could not have been happier with their service. Hands down the best moving company I have ever used.”Fred Norton 5/27/2017

“From the moment I spoke with this company on the phone I was treated with the utmost respect and a sincere desire to help me. They were willing to accommodate my needs from the beginning. They arrived on time and did a fantastic job, listening and caring for any of my concerns. And so polite. I would strongly recommend Roy’s Moving!!!”Janice Ricardo 5/2/2017

“Shalom. Praise God for Mr Roy’s Moving. My experience with them for the first time was Great. Very Respectful and all my stuff was carefully taken care of, nothing was broken. Damaged or lost. The men worked very hard to have me safely moved to my new Apartment, and certainly, no time was wasted. With no hesitation, I highly recommend “Roy’s Moving Company”, as for me, and for my first experience with Roy’s Moving, they were Great and the Best. I have moved from zip code 02128 to zip code 02114. My move was great. Have a great and bless day. Roy is a very caring and careful Company. Respectfully Mrs M T. Mahajan.”Mary Mahajan 1/16/2017

“Something doesn’t add up here.
3.9 out of 5 stars on Google, 4/5 Customer Lobby, 4.7 RateABiz, 2.1 On Yelp??? WTH??
Hopefully this review will improve things… We’ve used Roy’s twice and both times had a positive experience.
They showed up within the expected time frame, had the right number of movers, were quick and efficient. We’re they the cheapest, no. But honestly, we got great service once before, so I’ll pay a little more for that kind of service. Lydia was great and super nice on the phone. I scheduled this month’s in advance and called to confirm as promised, had a delivery set for 8-9AM and they were here by about 8:30. The three workers introduced themselves, they were polite and professional. I showed them  what we wanted taken to the new house and they immediately went to work wrapping, packing and moving everything out.

All of our items were placed into their truck and were then padded over. When we moved things into a few of the rooms and then changed our minds, they didn’t bat an eye about moving things for us in the new house. When we were done, I settled up with the shift supervisor. The amount we were charged was roughly $40 more than the estimate, fairly par for the course in my opinion.  Any negatives? Well… I will say that the travel rate is a little high for my taste, but it is what it is. All of my furniture and electronics were moved quickly and undamaged.  Would I go with Roy’s again? I have twice already. Unless their rate becomes unreasonable, I don’t see why not.”Jim H. 1/14/2017

“Lydia was extremely helpful. Pedro was very efficient and professional. I would definitely use their services in the future.”A G. 12/14/2016

“Lydia was very helpful with providing me with a quote and Pedro and his guys were very helpful and nice to work with! They were tardy due to reasons beyond their control, but when they did come they provided great service!”Juliette L. 11/8/2016

“Great moving company! They were fast and hard workers, didn’t even waste a second! I was worried at first because of the yelp reviews but they explained that yelp took down all their good reviews. I trusted them, and I’m glad I did! 100 percent recommended”Tessa Robins 8/11/2016

“I tried them . And they gave me very good service. I got no complaints, they show up on time !! They work hard and fast. They ware very Polite and respectful. They answer all my questions. And they put all items exactly where they belong. Thank you Roys I will use you again”Google Review 7/14/2016

“Very punctual, delivered as promised. No issues at all.”Vijay Nalamada 7/9/2016

“I had used Roy’s movers twice, and both times had a great experience. Movers were very professional: always on time, worked very fast, were gentle on furniture, polite, friendly. I will use them again!”Tatyana G. Schafer 7/7/2016

“The quality and price of my move with Roy’s was first class:)”Richard Mendelson 7/6/2016

“From my initial phone call with Lydia to the actual move lead by A.J. this company was a) the best price. B) they worked super fast. C) didn’t tack on any magical extra charges or waste time. I was especially relieved as movers have such a shady reputation, thankfully that wasn’t the case here.  This was my first move as a married man so I am 2X happy that I didn’t have any nasty surprises. So thanks Roy’s…”Yosef H. 6/16/2016

“We had a great experience. From the first phone call to the office until the final destination. The movers were very nice, quick and were very gentle with our equipment. We highly recommend moving with Roy’s company.”Yarden Adini 5/1/2016

“The move of my furniture, files, television set and computer equipment from Cambridge to Newton was done expertly by your crew; they were courteous, helpful and got the job done quickly. Your fee was a fair one for a job well done and I would be pleased to recommend Roy Moving Company to my family and friends.”Ernest Kirwan 4/29/2016

“Best company ever for moving”Stenia Volcy 4/23/2016

“My daughter was very satisfied with your Company and would highly recommend it to her friends. The men where all very polite and professional and did the job quickly, (only a few minor repairable dings occurred to the walls and one piece of her furniture), but overall she was happy with Roy’s Moving Co. Thank you!” – Jerry O’Connor Bottari BFA 4/19/2016

“I moved home from Connecticut to Illinois. The moving experience with Roy’s company was good. They were diligent in communication and upfront about any charges that were perhaps not included with the quote that a broker gave me. I would recommend contacting Roy’s directly to avoid any brokers in between. All my stuff was intact and no major damage. Although I did find later about a small blemish on my mattress that happened during the move but that’s reasonable for a large move and was not worth blaming the moving company for this. I have moved frequently and know how uncooperative some movers can be hence I can easily ignore one minor issue. Special mention for their effort to get my stuff late night on promised date and hence avoided a next day snow storm which would have delayed if they had not agreed to deliver late hours.”Mayur Bhalerao 21/17/2015

“The movers showed up early. They were nice, helpful, polite, and careful with my furniture. I would gladly recommend Roy’s Moving Company to anyone expecting great service.” – Eliz. A. Cabrera 11/25/2015

“Great experience. Movers showed up a little early and was careful with my things. Great attitudes and fast work. I would recommend them to friends.”Jennifer H. 9/15/2015

“David, Java and team were great movers! They moved us without damage and worked tirelessly to get the job done.
Our only issue was with the male dispatch who will remain nameless. He attempted to
add $200 at the very end. Not happening…If you decide to use this company, read your contract in detail so there are no errors and document any changes to your pick-up and drop off time. Again…movers were GREAT!!!!”Nicole W. 9/5/2015

“The 2 men that we had were very fast and careful with our furniture. They had a pleasant and funny attitude, very efficient and I would recommend Roy’s Moving Company. I plan on using them when I find a place to move to.” – Chuck Kline 8/30/2015

“Great service. These guys showed up on time, made sure that my belongings were well taken care of, and were extremely polite. Would definitely recommend to a friend.”William Walton 8/11/2015

“My original mover canceled on me a week before my move!!!! I found the company on Groupon with a $25.00 discount. I read the reviews; noticed the company had reputable references I would give them a chance. Lucky me!!! The three men AJ; Juan and Paolo (sorry about the misspelled names) were GREAT!!!!. It was the hottest day of the year; they never stopped moving. Always polite and respectful; and took great pride in what they did. Everything was careful wrapped; and nothing arrived broken. The time frame from beginning to end was about right; considering the heat; I have no complaints. I would gladly recommend Roy’s Moving Company to anyone looking for a mover. Please give my best to AJ; Juan and Paulo, I can’t thank them enough!”Theodoa Wohler 7/31/2015

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