When moving day comes, the last thing on anyone’s mind is the groceries around the house. There usually is some plan for moving day food that usually involves ordering pizza. In reality, though, the groceries and food on moving day are a part of the move and can be used and managed strategically. 


Be aware of the food you are shopping for as move day nears. Rather than looking for all the deals and stocking up on items from big box stores, a different strategy can be used during this time. Focus on getting what is needed and what will be used to avoid losing money by throwing away food or supplies to speed up the moving process. Shop with a smaller budget and a more short-term focus. 

Perishables First

Once it gets close to moving day, start taking inventory of what’s left in the fridge, freezer, and pantry that will expire. After making a list of these items, go over the list and start planning meals for the week or two before moving day. The week or two before moving day is the time to get creative with recipes and switch meals around to make certain that food that will expire is used during this time. Remember doing this ahead will save money in the long run and time around and on moving day. Extras that will otherwise expire can be offered to family and neighbors to take before the move comes. That extra pack of chicken breast can save somebody else some money!

Moving Day

Why not save some money rather than defaulting to ordering a pizza on moving day? A smart meal or two can be prepared ahead of moving day using the groceries in the house and planning. Some things have to be considered, like plates, utensils, condiments, and heating. Still, these are manageable with creative preparation. Make a meal that can easily be eaten or may not require heating and break it out on a moving day instead of having to order and wait for pizza. 


There may be too many groceries left in the house when moving day comes. If this is true, there is a good solution besides throwing it away. Consider donating your non-perishable food! This is a great idea because it will help those in need and you won’t have to waste any food!

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