The first steps to the moving process is by categorizing your items and packing them in their moving boxes. If not done properly, all of these moving boxes can slow your moving and unpacking process during your move. While a lot of people just throw items in boxes and have them put on a truck may seem this is quick and easy, it actually is a long term disadvantage. When it comes time unload the moving truck, unmarked boxes will be put in the wrong places. This will then make unpacking take longer as you have to open all the boxes and match the boxes with the room and items with the room. This is why Roy’s Moving recommends labeling your moving boxes for your move, to ensure a smooth and quick moving process. Below are some tips on how to label your boxes to the best results.

Pack By Room

Before the labels go on the boxes, your going to have to know what is inside the boxes. For the easiest solution for unpacking, be sure to pack by each room. That way the labels can be simple and unpacking can go by fast as you know what are in the boxes and where they need to go.

Make An “Open First” Box

When packing, you don’t want to pack everything away and be left with nothing on the first night and first couple of days. In order to avoid the risk of not having proper attire for the first couple of days, we recommend packing a “open first” or “first night” box.  The items in this box will help you get through the first night and first couple of days at your new home. You could pack items such as a coffee pot, sheets, toiletries and anything else you may need. If you have pets or babies make sure to have items for them as well so everyone is comfortable on the first night.

Color System

Once your boxes are put away, it is time to label them according to room. While you can actually put the name of the room on the box, you can also use color labels and stickers to differentiate each room. Why this option may be better is the easier visibility they have for the movers. You can assign each room a color or sticker pattern and apply to each box. Then when you get to your new home, place matching stickers or colors on each room entrance. That way, since the movers don’t know what room is what, movers can easily place boxes to their respective room in your new home.

Number System

Just like with the color and sticker system mentioned above, you can number your boxes when packing. Assign each room a number and label each appropriate box with the same number. Then when you get to your new home, have some sort of sign with the room’s number on it. When labeling, me sure to label all sides of a box so that way nothings is misplaced or forgotten. With this system and all labeling systems, be sure to right down the total box count of each number or color to make sure you didn’t forget anything.


The biggest stress factor with moving is constantly wondering if the items in the moving boxes are protected and safe during transport. With bumps, pot-holes, turns and stops during a move, belongings can get damaged. Even with carrying the boxes from the moving truck to the new home, items in a box can get damaged if not handled properly. To prevent this, be sure to label precious item boxes “FRAGILE” on all sides of the box. That way movers know how to carefully handle and pack these boxes to ensure proper safety and customer satisfaction.

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