The last thing that you want to see when you unbox and unwrap your items is broken glass or any kind of damage. When dealing with fragile items, you have to exercise special care if you want your items to be in one piece upon arrival at their destination. You want to avoid any kind of damage to your most treated items, from beautiful porcelain to crystal glass. Before you begin any packing, you need a bit of know-how to get started. Here’s a look at some useful tips that you can apply when packing your fragile items for transportation. 

Don’t Rush

One of the helpful things that you need to remember is that you need time to properly pack your fragile items. Prepare for packing way in advance of your move or travel plans. Fragile items are usually valuable and breakable, and you should give yourself enough time to be able to sort and pack items like glassware, porcelain. Rushing could be a disaster. Apart from damaging your items before they are packed, you could neglect packing them well, making them susceptible to damage in transit.

Have All The Necessary Packing Resources Ready

To be able to pack your fragile items well, you need to have all the necessary tools to get the job done right. Some of the essential items for packing include a variety of solid moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, styrofoam peanuts, scissors, pliable cardboard, and packing tape. A long table to sort and pack your items on is a useful resource. Don’t forget to consider getting another set of hands to help with packing bigger items that may be heavy and difficult to manage on your own.

Don’t Forget to Label Your Boxes

After packing your fragile items in a box, don’t forget to label them. Mark “fragile” on all the boxes containing your delicate items. This will help the movers to know how to handle the placement of and other aspects of handling your boxes. The goal is to communicate to them to take extra care of your fragile items during the moving process.

Have Boxes in a Variety of Sizes

It’s best to have an assortment of boxes in various dimensions to better manage your space and pack suitably. Your fragile valuables may be a mixture of large and small items. For small items, such as porcelain, crystal, and glassware you want to use small boxes. This will help to prevent breakage and allow you to pack large fragile items separate from small ones. 

Packing Popular Fragile Items:

  • ‍Pack plates vertically in small to medium boxes that are lined with crumpled packing paper placed at the bottom, in between standing plates, and on top of the plates. Wrap individual plates in bubble wrap and use tape to secure them.
  • Wrap each glass with packing paper and minimize the space in large pieces by stuffing crumpled paper inside. Line the top and bottom of boxes with sufficient packing paper, and also fill the spaces around glasses with packing paper too. You want to prevent your fragile items from shifting during transport.
  • ‍Packing specialty items require a bit of know-how to keep them safe and secure. These items can often be odd-shaped, large, or small, but incredibly delicate. Things like handles and protruding sections tend to be prone to breaking and special care must be taken to prevent damage. It’s best to use bubble wrap to cover your specialty items completely and securely with tape. Put the items on pliable cardboard and another piece of the same shape on top, but use sufficient cardboard that can be bent at both ends where they meet, then use tape to secure.

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