If you’re lucky enough to have found roommates you love, chances are you don’t want to leave them. So what happens when your current lease is up? Move all together, of course! Moving with people you know to a new place is an exciting time, but it can also be a real challenge. In this article, we’ll give a few hot tips for moving with roommates. 


There’s a lot to do to prepare for and execute a group move, so make sure you have a means of regular communication. Don’t just assume that everyone will know what to do or think to ask, so establish routine check-ins and updates. In-person is the best time to discuss moving responsibilities, but if that’s not possible, stay in touch through text and calling. 

Start Early

In theory, moving is easy. All you have to do is pack up and move, right? Well, it’s not really that easy. There’s really a lot more to do than you might think, and that’s why you need to start planning your move early. In fact, it’s a good idea to start discussing the move as soon as it’s decided. You’ll have to find a new place, of course, but you’ll also need plenty of time to de-junk as you pack, clean, and take care of financial obligations. 

Figure Out Bills

If you’re moving with current roommates to a new place together, you need to discuss final bills. Work together to decide who is responsible for calling utility companies to cancel services and what kind of fees are involved. 

You also need to have these discussions about bills when setting up your new home. Talk together about who is responsible for setting up which utility, how bills are split, and who is responsible for canceling when the time comes. Discussing bills now will prevent arguments later on. 

Give Assignments

As mentioned above, it’s important that communication stays open so that everyone knows what’s been going on. It also helps to give assignments and lists of tasks, so that each roommate knows who is responsible for what. Assignments to think about include calling and coordinating with a moving company or friends and family on moving day, purchasing cleaning supplies for the final clean, canceling utilities, etc. 

Though this can be discussed in text, it’s a good idea to have a physical list placed in a central location. This way, things can be checked off as they are completed. It’s also a good idea to include deadlines if needed. 

Decide on Ownership

With any kind of group living situation, it’s important to make sure everyone knows who owns what. Items that were purchased together and shared, like a TV, microwave, or furniture deserve a conversation to decide who keeps the item upon roommate separation, and how other roommates are compensated. If a personally-owned but still household-shared item is brought to the new residence, make sure everyone knows who it belongs to and if there are any regulations on shared use. 

Talk Budget

Individual budgets may vary, so it will take a few conversations to decide on a budget and moving system that works for everyone. Talk about how costs will be split, who is responsible for which payment, and whether a pooled fund could be of use to cover expenses. 

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