Moving into a college dorm is a momentous experience for many young adults, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Knowing a few tips ahead of time allows students and their families & support system to be more prepared, which can make what can be a difficult transition just a little bit easier on everyone.

Check With The College First

When planning a move into a dorm, the best place to start is by contacting the college directly. In many cases, the college will have pre-prepared a list of necessary things the student should bring with them, as well as what items may already be in the dorm room.

They also generally have guidelines available for review that outline what the move-in process will be like, what forms may need to be pre-filled out, and if there is a specific schedule that students and their families need to adhere to on move-in day. 

Connect With Roommates

After checking with the college, the next tip is to connect with any roommates before the move. Not only does this allow the student a chance to bond with their new roommate ahead of time, but it also gives all roommates the chance to discuss and divide up who will be bringing what for the room. 

Dress Appropriately

While it is tempting to dress to impress during college move-in, it is important to dress appropriately for the actual moving process. With all of the lifting, bending, and potentially carrying boxes upstairs and down hallways, sensible shoes and comfortable clothing are the smart way to go.

Pack Smartly

Cardboard boxes are bulky so, when packing, try to make use of things like laundry hampers, milk cartons, unused garbage cans, etc. These are all things that the student will likely be using in the dorm room anyway, so it minimizes the need to buy and find a place for all of those cardboard boxes after the move is finished.

Make Sure To Bring A Toolkit

Because the college move-in process often involves assembling furniture or decorations and hanging up things, it is imperative to remember to bring a toolkit. The student can also keep this in their room so they have it throughout the entire school year should they need it. A good toolkit should include at least a hammer, nails, and both a Phillips and a flathead screwdriver.

Consider a Storage Unit Rental

In some cases, the student may just have too many things to fit inside their (likely small) dorm room. This is where a storage unit can come in handy. Renting a storage unit near to the dorm room allows the student to store some of the bigger items, including those that they may only need on a seasonal basis (like snowboards or bikes).

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