The difficult task faced by people when they decide to change their apartment with no elevator is getting their properties to the rented flat. This isn’t an assumption, it happens often. People get confused to an extent that they don’t know how to move their belongings. Going through the stairs can be challenging, especially if your apartment is on the eighth floor. If you can relate to this, this guide will give you hints to make your relocation easy.

Here is what you should do:

Seek Assistance from Friends and Relatives 

Not everyone has the power to move their luggage and other items up the stairs. While this is true, it would be best to notify important people in your life before the relocation date comes. If you can get two to three friends to support you, getting your apartment set up would not take forever. If you must call anyone, ensure that the person is selfless and willing to help. Don’t forget to inform them ahead. That way, they will create time out of their busy schedule for you.

Hand Cart or Mobile Trolley Will be helpful

The usefulness of a hand cart comes to play when you need to move many items at a go. Instead of lifting heavy things with your hands, you can place them in the cart and push them through the stairs until you get to your apartment. It is crucial to tie whatever items you put on the cart so that nothing will fall off in the process. Also, don’t push without someone supporting you as you move. It helps to balance your movement.

Wear Gloves and put on the Right Outfit

As we already know, every occasion has clothes that suit it. If you are going to the office, you cannot wear a jersey meant for sport and vice versa. So, it would be best to get safety and comfortable clothes for moving to a new apartment. Gloves are essential to avoid getting injured while carrying stuff. It would be best to wear something that will be free but firm on your body. You are not there to impress anyone. It’s working, working, and working until you move all your property into the apartment.

Dismantle the Furniture if Detachable

Furniture occupies space and can make moving difficult, especially if the stairs area is tight. So, the best thing is to disassemble and reassemble after moving everything to the room safely. Since there is no elevator, you have to be creative to ensure you move oversized items to their necessary destination. 

The Shoe Type you Wear Matters

Like the clothes, your shoe must be firm and have traction to avoid slipping. You will be moving up and down for a couple of minutes, if not more than an hour. For that reason, ensure your show choice befits the occasion. Remember that you need to protect your legs in case items fall suddenly.

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