The moving process can be exhausting and can also be harmful to the environment. When planning to move, do so in an eco-friendly way as much as possible, and that is what we will be discussing in this article.

How to Move in an Eco-Friendly Manner

Declutter your home in an environmentally friendly way

When planning to move in a green way, your priority should be to declutter your home so that you only pack important stuff. And this has a lot of advantages; the less you pack and move, the less space and vehicle you will need. In turn, you will use less fuel and emit less carbon during your move. And of course, you will be saving money too.

Only carry the things you need to your new apartment or business space and properly dispose of other materials you will be leaving behind. It’s a win-win situation as you will be helping nature and also helping yourself.

Sell, donate or gift other useful items 

We have settled that you should only pack the things you need in your new place. So, what should you do with others, especially if they are still in good use? You can gift to family and friends who need them. You can also donate to charitable organizations in your area or sell them off if they are in good condition.

Properly dispose of hazardous materials

It does not matter if you realize it or not, some materials you might be planning to move are harmful to the environment. Such materials are corrosive, flammable, or explosive items. These materials are prohibited for professional moving companies to move by federal laws. In case you are moving by yourself, avoid moving such material too.

One way to dispose of those materials is to give them out to your neighbors or call the agency in charge of environmental protection about how to dispose of hazardous materials.

Use eco-friendly packing materials

When you are moving, you should look to protect your possessions, but you should also use eco-friendly packing materials. Use biodegradable and recyclable packing materials for your packing needs. Should you have old cardboard boxes, you should use them.

You can also ask your neighbors or go to local stores if you don’t have old boxes. The goal is to ensure you are as eco-friendly as much as possible while packing. Aside from cardboard boxes, recyclable plastic bins, and green bubble wraps are other options for packing in an eco-friendly way. 

Hire an environmentally-friendly moving company

No matter how you want to put it, hiring professionals will be your best plan for moving. So, when you indeed want to move in an eco-friendly manner, you should employ the services of professionals like Roy’s Moving Company. 

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Moving in an eco-friendly way is not rocket science, you just need to ensure that all your actions and inactions do not affect the environment. If you are not sure or have a lot on your hands an environmentally friendly moving company like Roy’s Moving Company will always be of help. Contact us today by giving us a call at 617-202-3300 or by filling out a contact form.

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