Universally, there’s no best time to move. In fact, even during the week, different people may opt to move to their new homes on different days. Everyone has a unique schedule, and it determines what time they think it’s best to move. It all depends on whether you think a weekday or weekend is suitable for your needs. To help yourself determine what would work best for you, perhaps you need to ask yourself some questions.

  • What day would work best, and why?
  • Can you find time off work?
  • Are there important school events you can’t afford to skip?
  • Can you be flexible with your preference?
  • Is your budget flexible too to work with moving companies?

Once you begin answering these questions, you shall be able to determine. However, here are some more details to help you decide:

Weekend Move

Many people find it convenient to move over the weekend. Most are off from work, so are the schools, so there is less pressure about commitments and attending meetings. However, you must also consider that moving companies have heavy bookings on weekends and you must book your slot well in advance.

Secondly, being the weekend, movers also tend to charge extra, so you should be ready to dish out extra dollars if you opt for the weekend. Another important consideration involves ensuring that you connect main utilities before you move in all together. No one appreciates a Sunday without electricity, gas, internet, or phone before office resumes on Monday. 

Weekday Move

This is slightly trickier because a weekday move means acquiring leaves for a day or two from work. Some employers are very cooperative, while others tend to make a fuss. The benefit of this is that moving companies have a lighter schedule during the week and can be more flexible with your dates and times. 

This also means their moving rates might be cheaper on quieter weekdays. This could be a big bonus when you have extra spare dollars while moving into a new space. However, it would help if you considered peak traffic hours on weekdays, so it is best to choose a time to set the truck off with your belongings before the roads jam with vehicles. 

Also, moving on a weekday means the streets will be quieter while your neighbors and their kids attend work and school. This way, you won’t have to worry about curious eyes and street traffic while loading the moving truck. 

A weekday move also means you have more professionals to call for help if the new place has malfunctioning or electricity, gas, phone, and internet connection. Professionals are most active during the week, so it’s easy to call anyone for help immediately. 

Move with Roy’s Moving in Boston, MA

There is no right or wrong answer when you’re looking to schedule a day to move. It entirely depends on what suits your schedule and budget the most. For the best moving decision, contact Roy’s Moving. We’ll ensure your move is as smooth and hassle-free as can be. Contact us today by giving us a call at 617-202-3300 or by filling out a contact form!

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