One of the most important, difficult and time-consuming parts of the moving process is packing. From organizing your room to be packed to actually putting the items in their respective boxes, packing can take up a lot of time and mistakes can be made. Everyone knows or reads about the right things to do with packing but what not to do is just as important. Not following the guidelines of what not to do can add time and money to your move, thus delaying the overall move.

Over the years we have been assisting families and businesses with their moves. Roy’s Moving provides full packing services if requested when we assist with a move. However, we do have clients who prefer to pack their own belongings. Over the years we have noticed that clients who pack themselves tend to make the same mistakes over and over due to their lack of knowledge on packing don’ts. Below are common packing don’ts we have noticed over the years that you should be aware of whether you are moving locally.

Local Moving Packing Don’ts

  • When packing books, make sure you do not use medium or large boxes. You may over-pack the boxes thinking you have the extra space but the combined weight may cause the box to break. Be sure to pack books, CDs, and files into small 1.5 cubic feet boxes.
  • When you are packing your lamps, make sure to disassemble the lamps from their lampshades and pack them in appropriate boxes. A 6.1 cubic foot box works best for these types of items. Unfortunately, these items cannot be wrapped so they must be moved in a box or else they will risk damage being done to them during the move.
  • When dealing with fragile items, do not use plastic totes to move the items in. This method does not securely protect your items and if you overpack the bags, they may be too heavy to lift. Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and pack them into 1.5 cubic feet boxes. If you are dealing with dishware, be sure to wrap the china in bubble wrap as well and use a dish-pack box as they have thicker walls for better protection.

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