Moving furniture can be the most painstaking part of the moving process. If you haven’t hired movers, it can even bring your move to a halt. Since this aspect of moving tends to bring the most headaches, we wanted to write a blog highlighting some tips to keep in mind while moving larger furniture!

Measure twice, Move Once!

A step that can often be overlooked or just forgotten is the measurement of both your furniture and the doorways themselves. This step alone will tell you if moving the furniture through this doorway is even possible. If the furniture is slightly larger, see if there is space in the surrounding area to angle the couch through the doorway.

Angles and Pivoting

Experience movers and fans of the late 90’s sitcom, Friends, should know about this concept. Turning the coach on a pivot point while working through can provide the furniture more space to work it through. Communication is a must with your crew while utilizing this technique. With participants generally holding weight in an awkward fashion and people facing other directions, saying “pivot right”, may result in a “which right” response.

Options with the furniture

Be sure to look at your piece of furniture to investigate if there are parts you can take off for moving purposes. Couches legs generally can be screwed off for exactly this purpose. Additionally, some couches actually come completely apart to avoid the whole angle/pivot dilemma mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Removing the Door/ Door Frame

If you have taken off all pieces that reduce the furniture’s size and tried pivoting and angling to no avail, removing the door and even a door frame is an option. After this option is exercised there really are no more things you can do to aid in getting a door through. If the furniture won’t fit after both the door and frame are removed there is little chance the furniture gets through the doorway. This is a good option for non-uniform shaped items of furniture as well.

Roys Moving Company: Your Furniture Moving Experts

Are you planning or orchestrating a move in the near or distant future? Are you concerned whether the furniture you ordered or previously had owned will fit in your new home or apartment? Give the professionals at Roys moving company a call today. Our team of expert movers has angling large furniture items through doorways down to a science. Or, more appropriately, down to math! We look forward to your call and continuing to be Boston’s first choice when it comes to moving services!

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