Each moving project requires its own unique set of quirks and challenges. These challenges become more complex depending on what is required to be moved, especially if the items are antiques that fragile and expensive in nature. At Roy’s Moving, we take each specific item into consideration regarding the most efficient and safest way to transport items to ensure their safety. An item that needs special consideration that we have moved in the past are grandfather clocks. We wanted to write up a quick post regarding best practices when moving a Grandfather Clock!

Where to start

Grandfather Clocks need to be disassembled before moving them at all. Its mechanics and design are generally very intricate and break when the clock isn’t standing straight up. If you are familiar with the clock and its design, dissemble slowly and carefully. If not continue to read below or call a professional to disassemble and Roy’s moving will take care of the rest!

How to Disassemble

If you are not comfortable taking apart the clock it is advised you call a professional and let them. Also, even if you would like to disassemble on your own, it is encouraged to look up the model to see an article or YouTube tutorials on the specific clock. Below is listed the steps in order you must take to properly disassemble your clock before moving.

Step One- Take out the Pendulum

Step Two- Remove the Clocks Weights

Step Three- Secure Chains and Cables

Step Four- Remove decorative aspects including any glass features

Packing and Moving

Once all the clocks pieces that can be removed are, it is now time to wrap up the pieces individuals including the frame of the clock itself. For the individual pieces, they should be wrapped separately using bubble wrap and packing peanuts to ensure they don’t break. For the frame of the clock, utilizing bubble wrap first then followed by a furniture blanket tend to do the trick. Securing the furniture blanket with tape at both the top and bottom of the frame is recommended. If the clock is especially valuable, one can have a shipping crate designed to fit the frame which can be filled with additional packing peanuts making sure it doesn’t move around within its crate. Be sure to label the crate or furniture blanket with stickers denoting ‘this side up’ and ‘fragile’.

Roy’s Moving Solutions

We don’t claim to be clock experts but if the clock is properly disassembled, we can package and move your timepiece without a problem. Give us a call today at 617-202- 3300 or fill out a contact form regarding any moving project you need to be completed and we can provide a free estimate! We look forward to your call!

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