Oftentimes when you’re moving, the most challenging items to pack and move are the most delicate.
One piece that’s a bit too loose can cause a chain reaction of shattering China, so it is important to
ensure that the proper procedures are followed when packing fragile items. Here are the biggest
mistakes to avoid when transporting your China:

Not Properly Filling The Box

One of the biggest mistakes that people make while moving delicate items is not thoroughly filling the
boxes that they pack. Even when the individual pieces of China are properly wrapped, leaving too much
space in the box could end up breaking your china. Whether you want to use packing peanuts, bubble
wrap, or just some old towels and clothes, it is important to fill the empty space in the box to ensure the
fragile items don’t jostle around during the move. Making sure your boxes are filled can be the
difference between your china being in one or one hundred pieces.

Not Wrapping Individual Items

While it may be tempting to try to save space and packing materials by stacking and wrapping your
plates together, you may end up breaking them before they reach your new home. While it may seem
safe to stack plates that fit together neatly, it is always best to wrap each piece of china individually, as
one bump could be all it takes for your china to crash against each other and break. Wrapping each
individual piece makes it much more difficult for your china to shake around and chip or break.

Not Packing The Heaviest Items At The Bottom

Always be sure to pack the heaviest items in the box first, particularly with heavy china plates. Trying to
pack plates on top of glasses could leave you with a box full of broken glasses AND plates, even if
everything was properly wrapped and the empty space in the box was filled.

Forgetting To Cushion The Bottom Of The Box

Another thing that people often overlook is adding a layer of cushioning at the bottom of their boxes
which is particularly important when transporting delicate items like China. Even if the rest of the box is
properly packed and the empty space is filled, leaving heavy china at the bottom of a box without any
cushioning while they rumble around on the floor of a truck bed can cause them to break. Always make
sure to add some cushioning such as a towel or old t-shirt to the line the bottom of your boxes. Better
to be safe than sorry!

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