You open the door to your storage room to find your box of old Christmas decorations, only to be greeted with a pile of overflowing and indistinguishable items that have been tossed into the space and forgotten. This scenario is one that many people face but organizing your storage room is something that you can achieve! The process may take time, dedication, and some serious self-evaluating, but we’re here to help.


The first step to organization is removing unwanted items. Go through everything in your storage room and declutter the items you no longer need, want, or value. It’s important to be realistic during this process! If it’s been sitting in that room untouched for three years, are you really going to need it in the future?

Find a Home for Every Item

Once you know what’s staying in the storage room, the real fun can begin. Utilize totes, storage bins, and shelves to find a home for every item you have. This storage system should be easy to maneuver and locate the items you need. If the room becomes a never-ending pile of bins you can’t sift through, you probably need to go back to the first step again! Once you have a home for each item, you have to hold yourself responsible for placing the item back there after you pull it out of storage for use.

Label Everything

A label maker will be your new best friend! Label each tote, box, and shelf with a brief description of what’s inside. Try to place similar items near one another to make finding what you need easier. Keep the labels short and to the point rather than listing each item a bin or box contains.

Dismantle Large Items

Furniture and household items could be taking up useful space in your storage room. To help save some of that space, take the items apart! Dismantling items is easier than you’d expect and it can save some serious space. Place the pieces of the items neatly together and when you need them to reassemble it. If an item has loose
screws after it’s been dismantled, put them in a sandwich baggy and tape them to one of the dismantled pieces so they don’t get lost.

Utilize the Space You Have

Even a small storage room could prove to hold a lot of your stuff. To make the most of the space, utilize every aspect of it. That means wall hooks, ceiling hooks, and overhead shelving throughout the storage room!

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