Moving into a new home can be an exciting venture whether you live alone or with a family. Nonetheless, unpacking your stuff and realizing that half of your expensive kitchen cutlery, dinnerware, and so on are broken can be a devastating experience.

Finding broken dishes and losing your favorite kitchenware is a blow in the face of excitement. However, we bring you the most helpful tips to encourage you on the dreadful task of packing your kitchen when moving.  

Packing Dinnerware

You can begin packing by placing thin packing paper over every piece of dinnerware. Be careful when stacking the pieces inside a box and go one at a time. Follow that up with a layer of bubble wrap in between every three pieces of dinnerware.

Importantly, consider adding bubble wraps to individual items that are highly fragile such as wine glasses, expensive dishes, and coffee mugs. Finally, add two layers of soft bubble wrap around the box with dinnerware. 

Packing Pots/Pans

Try finding the right size of the box before beginning to pack pots and pans. The right side of the box will mean that your biggest pot can enter it without being too tight or too loose. Hence, the other smaller pots and pans will follow comfortably with a lesser risk of damage.

Be sure to separate the glass lids from pots and pans before placing them in the box. Consequently, add bubble wrap to the box once all your pots and pans sit correctly in the box along with lids.

Packing Appliances

To start off with appliances, search for their original containers and/or packaging material. This entails two benefits: saves time searching for the right size of boxes and helps identify essential ones when unloading for use. 

After cleaning and drying the appliances, separate smaller parts such as fragile components of the appliances, e.g. glass bowls, fragile lids, etc. Apply bubble wrap over the fragile components and place them along with the appliances in the boxes according to size (i.e. descending, from bottom to top). You can also tape the user manual to ensure easier assembly later.

Packing Silverware

While silverware is less prone to damage itself while under packing and movement, it can damage other fragile items in boxes. Therefore, keep them under soft and gentle wrapping to prevent damage to other kitchenware stuff.

Separate according to silverware type, attach strings for easy identification, wrap each type of silverware, and place them in the box. Finally, bubble wraps the box to ensure there is no external breakage. 

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