Rather you’re moving down the street or across the country, moving is a stressful time. From packing to unpacking and everything in between it can quickly become a hectic process. One way to make the moving process easier and less stressful is to eliminate unwanted and unneeded items in your home. The thought of cutting back may seem scary at first, but with these simple tips, it will be a breeze!

Make a List

Before you begin to pack or move anything you should make a list. Actually, make multiple lists. First, make a “must have” list. This list should include items you can’t bear to part with. From sentimental items to valuable collectables, list all of your must haves. Next, make a list of items you’re unsure about. These should be items you’d like to keep, but don’t have to have. Finally, create a list of the items you want to get rid of. Rather these items are for donation, trash, or sale, they need to be gone before the move. Creating these lists will allow you take inventory of your belongings before you begin packing and will ultimately speed up the packing process.

Be Brutally Honest

When you’re considering the new space, you’re moving into you must be brutally honest with yourself about how big that space actually is. Remember, just because an item can fit into the new space doesn’t mean it has to. Moving into your new space being overcrowded by items will make it impossible to get organized and enjoy the location. If there are items that can’t fit into the space that you don’t want to part with just yet, putting them in storage is okay! Just remember that that storage should be temporary until you decide what to permanently do with them.

Don’t Bring Duplicates

Downsizing often occurs when you make the decision to move in with another person. Rather it be a spouse or a roommate, you should compare notes of what items you both have. There’s no reason to have two sets of kitchen dishes or two vacuum cleaners! Compare items and decide who’s going to bring what items during the move, but never bring duplicates. It’s a good idea to compare your lists from the first step to ensure you know what your new living partner has on the
“must have” list.

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