When making a major life change like moving to a new home there’s always a chance something could wrong. It’s incredibly easy to forget the small things when you’re already stressed. Especially if you have a family to worry about.

Forgot to research your movers? This a common mistake for anyone moving. You want the cheapest option available? Who doesn’t? Sometimes that company is the cheaper option because of their reputation for not being friendly or reliable. The right movers can be expected to transport your belongings in the condition they were in before, at the time you requested, and within the time frame, you’re willing to pay for.

Tip: Call Roy’s Moving Company for the dependable help you need for the price you want. Not only will they carefully move your boxes, but they also offer packing services as well.


Didn’t realize you’d need more people to do it yourself? We’ve all heard the saying, “many hands make light work” at some point in our lives. Why unsubscribe to this form of logic now? If you have family or friends who you think would be generous enough to take a couple hours out of their day to help you move, don’t hesitate to ask them. The more you ask, the less work for everyone involved, which also means you’d be taking up less of their time. Otherwise you and anyone else who decides to help you may be doing it all day.

Tip: Really evaluate how much is being moved. It’s less than 20 boxes, then you probably can turn it into a DIY move. However, if it’s more than you or any of your friends can handle we suggest calling a professional.


You didn’t pack yet? Life can sneak up on you sometime.  If you’re not paying attention to your calendar, you may not realize how little time you have to pack. Different parts of your home may take longer than others so it’s always wise to allow more than enough time to get it done before the movers get there. With work and other responsibilities, you want to start sooner than later within the week of your move. Keep in mind that if you start packing too early it can make your daily life leading up to the week you move difficult if you need something that has already been packed away.

TIP: Be honest with yourself and decide when is the best time to be proactive. If you’re in a small home, like a studio or a 1 bedroom, you may want to give yourself a couple days to pack. If it’s a 2 or 3 bedroom, we suggest three to four days. For those with 4 or more bedrooms, it would be wise to take the whole week to attack the situation.


Are you keeping that? Moving can be somewhat of an emotional time due to stress, but another factor to keep in mind is the element of change. Sometimes it’s best to move on from old knick-knacks and clothes that don’t even fit you anymore. The less you bring to your new home the more room you’ll have to grow in your new space. This obviously will make the moving process easier as well since it means less to move.

TIP: Donate, recycle, and throw away the things that can’t be sold. If you do plan to sell anything then make sure you let go of it as soon as possible or for the right price depending on its value.


Don’t find yourself being victim to these mistakes because they may not only set you back in terms of patience, and time but also money. The more organized you are the easier your move will be.


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