One week? One month? Or one year? In reality, you can book a moving company at any convenient time. Yet, you shouldn’t. 

The smart choice for anyone who wants to move is to book movers well in advance of the big day. Moving can be quite an ordeal regardless of the distance. To make things easy, you should make all necessary arrangements for a smooth transition. To achieve this, you should book your movers eight weeks before your moving day. Here’s why:

Good Rates 

When you get movers in advance, you will have the opportunity to access premium rates. Some companies even allow negotiations. So, if you book too closely to your moving day, you have limited movers to choose from. The best movers may already have engagements. Most times, the available ones will take advantage of your lack of alternatives. You may also be unable to compare rates or available services from other movers.

Liberty to Choose Convenient Dates

Booking ahead grants you the freedom to choose any suitable date. You can only engage a moving company if they are free. The chances that you will secure a mover of your choice are lower when you contact them late. Unavailability of moving companies is inevitable, especially in the summer where lots of people have to move their belongings for trips or vacations. 

How Far in Advance is Good Enough?

There is no hard and fast rule here. You have to take the season in your location into consideration. Generally, months like May, July, and August are often very busy. This is because most students change hostels and dormitories during the period. Most movers may have no free time. So booking a move during those periods may be unsuccessful. During such periods, you should make your booking two months ahead.

When to Book Moves within a city

Again, the season matters a great deal. It is best to settle your dates in advance, at least six weeks ahead. You may not be able to predict when the next rush hour will come. 

When to book intrastate or interstate moves

Intrastate movements occur from one city to another within a state. Interstate moves are movements from one state to another. Either way, you should book the moving company two to three months ahead of your desired date. 

Does size matter?

Yes, it does. The size, weight, and distance of your luggage will influence the rates. The bigger the items you want to move, the bigger the van. Bigger pieces of luggage will require more workers to pack or unpack.

Book Roy’s Moving in Boston For Your Next Move

There are no extra costs for making an appointment with movers ahead of time. It will save you some money and a lot of stress. You should also take into account any extra services you make need. For example, you may need help with packing or unpacking. If you need to book a move for any occasion, book with Roy’s Moving! We offer efficient and stress-free services. Give us a call today at 617-202-3300 or fill out a contact form.

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