Moving doesn’t just require brute strength, teamwork, and a large truck. As a moving company, we utilize several specialized tools and equipment to ensure the move is done efficiently and without property breaking. We wanted to write a blog on some of the tools we rely on day in and day out to make sure all out clients moves go smoothly.

Dollies and hand trucks

Dollies or hand trucks are our movers’ best friends. Dollies are L-shaped handcart that allows individuals to stack multiple heavy boxes onto the base of the cart. From there, a simple tilt back with a steady grip and one can push around hundreds of pounds with relative ease. Dollies can be dangerous if stacked too high with heavy material and the person using it isn’t careful. When using a dolly be sure not to exceed the height of the cart with material and if it is difficult to move, lessen the load.

Moving blankets

Moving rugs are extremely important when moving items such as cupboards, dressers, and tables. Since these larger ticket items are usually put on the truck first, these blankets act as a barrier between your fine wooden furniture with other items added on after the fact. Ensure the blankets, or pads as they are called by some, stay on your furniture by tying it together with rope or even saran wrap!

Packing Peanuts

An iconic moving product that has been around for a while and for good reason. These soft little ‘moving helpers’ were invented in 1962 and in the 90’s there was a push for a more environmentally conscious product that was biodegradable. Manufactured Packing Peanuts today are 100% biodegradable and won’t cause harm if accidentally ingested by humans or animals. The purpose of these packing peanuts is to absorb shock during moving and create a cushion for electronics/ glassware in boxes.

Roys Moving Solutions

Here at Roy’s Moving, we pride ourselves on the utilizing the tools mentioned in this blog to create a safe and smooth move for our clients. These resources are generally used in most moves, but we also carry specialized equipment for the moving of specific items (Art & Antique / Piano & Organ). If extra caution needs to be exercised when moving an item, we can provide more cushioning and even tie down the item. If you have questions regarding our services or capabilities, feel free to give us a call today! We look forward to hearing from you and providing you the relaxed and stress-free move you deserve.

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