Moving can be overwhelming but there are ways to avoid common moving headaches. By identifying these potential problems ahead of time, you can plan ahead to ensure that you avoid all of them. Here are some of the most common moving headaches that you should avoid!

Low-Quality Moving Boxes

Purchasing the right moving boxes can be the difference between a smooth move and an absolute nightmare. Don’t settle for low-quality boxes to save money. If the boxes aren’t strong enough to hold the things you pack in them they can break. Not only will this require you to find another way to transport your items, but if you have breakable objects such as dishes inside you risk damaging them beyond repair.

Wrong Tape

The tape you purchase for packing needs to be strong enough to hold boxes shut. Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself dropping items, struggling to carry boxes, and you might even have to go out and purchase new kind and start packing all over again. Packing tape for the win!

No Dolly

This is one item you don’t want to forget. Chances are some of your items are heavy. In fact, after an entire day of moving, you will be tired no matter how light your items are. Having a dolly can help you transport heavy and bulky items without pulling any muscles or risking possible injury. You’ll be thankful you have it when you’re struggling to carry your tenth box. If you hire Roy’s Moving, we will bring the dolly!

Bad Weather

Avoid moving on a rainy, snowy, or windy day. Choosing a day with good weather makes all of the difference. Attempting to move in the rain or snow is not only uncomfortable for you, but it could soak your boxes making them prone to breaking and damage your items.

Not Enough Time

Moving is no simple task. You need time to pack, plan, and find a moving company. Don’t put off packing or planning until the last minute. Scrambling to find enough boxes or a reliable moving company a week before your move will be a nightmare

Things that Don’t Fit

Plan ahead enough to ensure that all of your items fit in boxes or the moving truck. You don’t want to be left wondering what to do with oversized furniture the day of your move.

You Didn’t Pack Smart

Packing smart means sorting through your items before you pack them. You need to be certain that you want and need to bring all of the items that you are planning to pack.
Avoid wasting your time and energy by making sure that you have thrown away the things that you don’t need. There is no sense in moving things that will collect dust in a closet or you will throw out soon.

Bad Moving Company

An unreliable moving company could cause a number of issues. They might be late showing up to the site, they may not have a large enough vehicle to transport your items, or they could be unprofessional. Do your research and choose a reputable company, such as Roy’s Moving,  to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible!

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