Even when planning a move or new home purchase during winter, many hopeful homeowners wait until spring to move. It makes sense: things are warming up, and the season is often thought of as a time of new life. Plants grow, and many people look to grow into a new place to call home. But, that does not mean spring is immune to issues during big moves. Whether it’s just across the street or to a new city, spring moves can pose a number of difficulties. Know what might come up to prepare for a spring move if one is in the near future.

Issues with Spring Moves

Spring seems perfect for a move, and if it’s an apartment, condo, or home, it can be exciting to get into a new place. These issues can take some of that enjoyment down a notch, but do not mean that the move is destined to be miserable.

Unexpected Rain

In most of the continental United States, rain is more prominent in spring than any other time of the year. The saying “April showers bring May flowers” is true, which is great for the flowers but not for a move. Keep an eye on the forecast if spring is going to bring you to a new home.

Pollen and Allergies

Spring is looked to as a time of rebirth for the plants and trees, but guess what? That can mean allergies are unbearable for those who are affected by grass, tree, or ragweed pollen. Sometimes over the counter medication cannot even stop the sniffles or a scratchy throat. In that case, talk to a doctor before allergies make a move nearly impossible. They might just be seasonal, but when they’re here, allergies make a big struggle out of nearly everything.

Unpredictable Temperatures

Spring is surely warmer than winter, but depending on the day, it might not be by much. Spring temps can sometimes only reach into the upper 40s, making an all-day move quite chilly. Likewise, some springs bring hot weather earlier than expected, and if you’ve never moved in 80+ degree weather, consider yourself lucky. For that reason, much like the rainy weather attributed to spring, keep an eye on the forecast ahead of moving day.

Despite common issues for spring moves, it is a great time to get into a new apartment. Avoid the issues associated with moves and hire the professionals at Roy’s Moving to get it done safely and efficiently.

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