Moving can be a stressful and physically exhausting experience. It can be difficult to develop a plan for moving large, bulky furniture through doorways. Inadequate planning for a move can result in hurting yourself, damaging your furniture, and scratching doorways and walls.

The following informational guide was created to provide you with the best tips for moving furniture. 

Develop A Strategy 

The first step to a successful move is to develop a strategy for how to successfully execute your move. What items will fit through doorways and halls safely without disassembly? Which pieces can be disassembled?

If some items are too large you may need to remove the hinges to make room. Invest in floor gilders, dollies, and hire assistance to make sure you don’t scuff the floors or walls. You can also use moving blankets to place over your furniture and avoid scuffing. 


Make the job of moving large furniture easier by disassembling everything that you can. Think about how the furniture initially arrived. Many items are meant to disassemble to make them easier to move. 

These Items Typically Include:

  • Sofa Sectionals
  • Tables
  • Desks
  • Dresser/Vanity Mirrors
  • Large TV Stands

If items are heavy or bulky it may be wise to seek the services of a professional moving service. These experts are experienced and trained to handle these projects safely and without damaging furniture. 

Be Organized

During the moving process, it is important to keep things as organized as possible to avoid more stress once everything is transferred to the new location.


Start packing things early that you will not need in the near future. This may include non-perishables, books, clothing, etc. Pack things with related items and label each box with the content and room that it will be going into: Living, Bedroom, Bathroom, etc.

Nuts and Bolts

When you are disassembling furniture, save yourself later stress by placing nuts and bolts in Ziplock bags. Label each bag with which piece of furniture is associated. 

Dollies and Straps

Always use the appropriate equipment, including dollies to move large furniture. Straps should be used for especially large and expensive items, such as your washer and dryer. This will prevent damage to both yourself and your furniture. 

Ask for Help

Never attempt to move large furniture by yourself. This could result in injury to both yourself and your furniture. You need to have the help of at least one person when moving. If you need help moving you should call a professional moving service to assist.

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