Moving can be a logistical nightmare if not planned properly. For those who are not in the business of moving or have not moved often, a lack of experience can turn your day of moving into a day of agony. While hiring professionals such as Roy’s Moving will alleviate most concerns, there are even specific days to avoid especially depending on where you live. This blog will highlight the best and worst days to more local to the Boston Area!

“Allston Christmas” on September 1st

A Boston tradition and moving craze like no other! Bordering the city of Boston to its east, Allston’s location makes it the hub of off-campus student apartments of BC, BU, and several other Boston based Universities and Colleges. With thousands of students either leaving after their summer internships and swapping places within incoming students, the first of September is hectic, to say the least. It is referred to as ‘Allston Christmas’ as many of the students that are moving have no plan with the furniture they move out of their former apartment. From there, it is a free for all for incoming students to furnish their new digs with former students’ furniture. Moving trucks, furniture sprawled across streets, students and parents everywhere, and generally warmer weather, this is not an ideal day to move!

Boston Marathon and Boston Championship Parades

The annual Boston Marathon attracts runners and running enthusiasts from across the globe to compete in one of the most challenging marathons there is today. With the route extending from Hopkinton right into downtown Boston on Boylston. The route essentially divides the Boston area into North and South from Hopkinton to Boston making navigation during the marathon difficult. Increases in security and pedestrians make this day very difficult to move during

Championship Parades

Boston may be the only city that needs to acknowledge sports championships parades as a bad day to move but this is the city of champions! In addition to the city streets being chaotic, traffic into and around the city tends to increase especially if the parade ends up during a weekend. On top of the increase in traffic, you won’t want to miss out on the parade yourself!

Best days to move

There is no universal, best day to move. From our experience though, mid-week and mid-day have proven to be relatively easier to move. Also, the middle of the month seems to be hassle-free as most leases end during the first of the month. Additionally, if considering a Friday for a move, be sure the following Monday isn’t a holiday. Most people extend Monday holidays into a 4-day weekend by taking Friday off as well. This will increase traffic. Additionally, moving only becomes easier with decent weather (no precipitation or extreme temperatures, etc).

Roys Moving can help you plan!

Roy’s Moving has experience in moving residents and business around the Boston area! If you are considering a move in the next few weeks or months, give us a call! We will coordinate the best dates and times based of off your specific needs and events local to the Boston area.

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