You did it! You applied and have been accepted to a college of your choice, congratulations! Now all you have to do is move into your dorm and start your college career. The moving process can be a headache and be overwhelming and this happens with college student moving as well. Not only do you have to worry about moving everything you need to your dorm, you need to figure out where your dorm is, moving with hundreds of other freshmen on top of the other struggles of moving. Below are eight tips to follow in order to give you a stress-free move in day for your first day of college.

Coordinate With Your Roommate

Before you arrive at your dorm room for move-in day, make sure that you and your roommate have a plan of action. It is good to arrive around the same time, that way you can both coordinate with each other on how the room will be set up. In addition, you can discuss any decor or ideas you have for the room throughout the year. This will save you from any arguments if one of you gets there before the other and just starts setting up shop.

Use A Dolly

Whether your room is on the first floor or on a high floor of the dorm building, you will want to use a dolly. Dollies are great for helping you move your belongings into your room as quickly as possible. Call ahead to see if you need to reserve dollies for the move-in day or if they will already be available to you. Colleges are usually on a tight schedule to get freshmen moved in as soon as possible. This makes dollies a necessity for college student moving to keep the process moving along quickly.

Move In Early

The biggest detriment to college student moving is dealing with the hundreds of other freshmen who are also moving in at the same time. This leads to traffic backup, dolly backup, and just delays your move in experience altogether. If there is an option for you to move in early, definitely consider taking it. Not only will it prevent less stress with the actual moving process but it gives you extra time to explore. Check out the campus, get your books, help others move in, decorate your room.

Get Your Bearings

The old saying “know your surroundings” applies to pretty much anything in life. Especially when moving into college, as you will need to know where the nearest all-purpose department or hardware stores are. That way if you have forgotten to bring something from home you can easily get it at the nearest Target or Home Depot.

Visit The Bookstore Early

If you figure out that you absolutely need your textbook for a class, as some classes don’t require it, then you should consider going to the bookstore early. Other students will probably need to get the same book as you and you want to be prepared for the first day. By going early you not only lower the risk of having to wait for another shipment of books to arrive at the store, you also avoid a busy bookstore which could have you waiting in line for hours.

Don’t Avoid Photos

Parents can get embarrassing, we all can attest to this. While entering college is a new stepping stone for you and a new journey, it is a different experience for your parents. Their little one is finally moving out of the family nest and into the real world. They will want to take in every moment, so to make things easier, accept the endless amounts of photo taking.

Hire A Moving Company

Hiring a moving company for any type of move saves time and stress. You won’t have to worry about packing things up and doing the moving yourself. You can coordinate with the movers where you want everything in your dorm and you can sit back and relax until they leave.  Roy’s Moving specializes in college student moving, and our experienced crew can help make your college transition as easy as possible. Give us a call today!


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