When it comes to moving, either residentially or commercially, there are always processes that need to be done in order to have a successful move. When people think of moving they think of all the hassles and work that comes with it, which is why we recommend you hire a moving company like Roy’s Moving to do the heavy lifting for you. We especially recommend it if you are thinking of moving your business’s offices in the wintertime. Along with the normal hassles of moving, doing it in the winter adds more layers of frustration just from what the weather could bring that day and the icy conditions on the road from the winter climate. To help make your winter commercial move easier, consider using these tips to help you out.

5 Winter Moving Tips For Commercial Moving


Develop A Strategy

No matter what time of the year you plan on moving offices, setting up a plan is always important for moving success and this goes especially for moving in the winter. The first thing you will want to do is to inform employees, vendors, utility companies, etc. of the transition your company is making as soon as you know when the move date is. To help get your company on board and up to speed with the move, start adding stages of the move to your company’s calendar so that your employees know what to do and when to do them. From organizing the companies belongings to packing and mapping the layout of the new office, it should all be included so no one is lost.

Get Organized

To prevent any hiccups or barriers to the move, be sure that you are organized throughout the entire process. Talk with your employees to focus on certain aspects of the move to make the overall process that much easier. One way to do this is to make sure each employee packs up their own belongings so that way nothing gets damaged and they can organize their own boxes how they like and can label things properly for when the unpacking process at the new office begins.

Turn The Heat Up

When it comes to moving in the winter, there will be a lot of going in and out and in New England, the wintertime can be cruel. The best way to make sure the move is comfortable and to ensure no items that are climate-sensitive are damaged is to heat the old and new offices before the move. That way, movers and employees have a warm area to go to as they come in from moving the boxes from the cold.

Weather Proof Walkways

One of the most important parts of a winter move is to make sure that walkways and entrances to and from the old and new office are safe to walk on. With colder climates and precipitation, ice can form causing a hazardous environment where injury to employees can happen as well as damage to company property. Make sure that you put ice salt on all pathways that you know you or the movers will be walking on to ensure a safe moving process.

Monitor The Weather

The biggest factor of how a winter move will go is the weather. Make sure to see if there will be heavy snow or rainfall and consider rescheduling the move to another day if there is a lot in the forecast. You can also use the monitoring to ensure that, if the move is still on for the move day, everything will be good to go once the movers get there. If you know there will be light snow or rain you can plan ahead with salting pathways, or clearing out space for the moving truck to park.


If you are looking to move your business in the winter or any time in the year, be sure to contact Roy’s Moving Company for all of our moving services.


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