Moving is a journey in itself as you are leaving a place you have grown accustomed to and moving into a completely new environment. While all this sounds great, the process of moving itself can become overwhelming and stressful. This is especially true if you have a lot of unwanted or unused items laying around cluttering up your home. This is why we suggest you declutter your home before a move to make the packing and moving process much easier for you and the movers. The decluttering process can take some time and even become stressful if not done properly, which is why we have compiled some tips to help!

5 Home Decluttering Tips

Mentally Prepare For Your Move

Whether you like to admit it or not, every item in your home has some sentimental or emotional value to you or you wouldn’t have bought them. Be sure you are mentally prepared to part ways with these belongings so there will be no difficulties once the decluttering process starts. The best way to mentally prepare is to detach yourself from all items that you own, so you can assess each need for items as you sort through them.

Start Early

Decluttering your home is a very time-consuming process, as the process goes on you are bound to come across more items than you had planned to go through. We suggest you start decluttering, if needed, about six weeks before your move. If you decide to wait, or not remove clutter, you will find your new home filled with the same useless items you had at your old home. Thus creating a cluttered environment the second you move into your new home.


Making category piles is a perfect way to really narrow down the items you will need to pack for your move. While you declutter, make four category piles: items to keep, items to throw away, items to donate to charity, and items to sell. This way you will know which items can make you money while getting rid of them, which items can be donated and what items to essentially keep or throw away.

Throw Away Unwanted Items ASAP

Once you know you will no longer need an item, get rid of it quickly. This will prevent you from having them lay around during moving day getting in the way. This will also prevent you from second-guessing yourself and essentially keeping an item you know you don’t need.

Ask For Help

When it comes to decluttering, packing or moving, for the best results it is always good practice to ask for help from a professional. They have the experience and tools needed for a smooth and easy packing and moving process. The worst thing to happen is on moving day realize you cannot complete everything on your own

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