When moving, there is always the risk of your items being damaged during transport. This is why we recommend that you have your items professionally packed with proper supplies. A lot of families have artwork and antiques to showcase their personality within their home as well as items that peak their interest. These belongings are special to the families moving and they do not want to have them be damaged if they are moving. To ensure proper safety to your antiques or artwork, here are five moving tips to help you move them in a safe way.

Get Antiques Appraised

With any valuable item you have in your home, you will want to have the properly appraised before the moving process begins. This step may already need to be mandatory because of homeowner’s insurance policies. After finding an appraiser and having all of your antiques appraised, take photos of them before the move. That way you have as much evidence as possible of what your belongings looked like before a move, should something happen during transport.

Discuss Any Protection Plans

Certified movers that specialize in antique moving will more likely than not have a protection plan set up for safety precautions. Having this discussion prior to the move with the moving company will help the crew prepare for the move and arrive with the necessary supplies to pack your antiques.

Properly Pack Antiques

When all is said and done, what comes down to antique protection is how well you pack these items. With their fragileness, they will need to be specially packed so no damage happens during transport. Some antiques will require a cleaning before being moved, and these require special chemicals and cleaning products. Contact your local antique dealer for all cleaning and packing information if you are uncertain about some of your antiques.

Decide on Moving Day Packaging

On your actually moving day, be sure you are alert and ready to go to help orchestrate your move. If not talked about prior to the moves, the movers won’t know which items are the antiques that need to be specially packed. When they arrive point out which items will need to be packed carefully. As well, you will need to be present just in case the moving crew has any questions about your antiques.

Supervise Unloading

Once you reach your destination, your job is close to being done. The antiques have made it safely there, now they need to be securely unloaded and carefully placed in their final destinations. As the movers unload your items, be sure to pay attention to the fragile items to make sure they make it off the truck in one piece.

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