According to census data, the top reason people are relocating is to move into a new or better home. The moving process is, without a doubt, stressful. You’re guaranteed to lose or break something in the process (sorry, but it’s true), and having to pack up your entire life makes you realize you own 100 boxes more of stuff than you thought.

How can you make the best of your moving day? Here are our four tips for staying stress-free and, ultimately, excited about your big day.

Start the Packing Process Far Earlier

If you’ve assumed you need two weeks to pack up your belongings, then the reality is you might need four. Starting the packing process too late, and panicking over it, is an incredibly common experience for several reasons. People put off what they don’t want to do, and when you’re used to seeing your belongings every day, they don’t register as “taking up space.” Our recommendation: start packing things up as soon as you know you’re moving, even if it’s just books and rarely-used dishware, to begin with. You’ll thank yourself later. We also offer packaging services which you can learn about here!

Get Organized with Lists

It’s the running joke of moving—you pack everything up, only to have no idea where it all went. Before you even start packing, get pre-printed lists that you can tape to the side of each box. As you pack up each box, try to organize them into rough themes (this way, your measuring cups won’t be in the bathroom box) and make sure to note several of the items that can be found in each box. This will make moving in a much smoother and less confusing process.

Do the Dirty Work a Month Before

Planning on having a yard sale so you can put some of the proceeds towards your move? Are you going to be donating the rest to charity? Do you need to let your utility companies know about the move? Take care of all of this a month before. The last thing you want to be dealing with is your old cable company, once you’ve already settled into your new home.

Hire a Moving Company

We’re not being biased when we say: hiring a moving company is a good idea. You have enough going on without having to get a five-hour workout hauling your couches around before having to drive another three hours to your new home. Another important benefit of hiring a moving company: it’s a much faster experience. Expert movers have the advantage of experience, and your van will be packed and ready to go before you realize. Not sure if it’s right for you? Plenty of websites now offer a free “moving calculator”—you can use this to determine how many boxes of things you likely own, and how long it would take it to move it all.

For more help on your move, contact Roy’s Moving Solutions for a free estimate and feedback on any moving project.

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