Did you know that about 11% of all Americans move each year? That’s a lot of brown boxes to pack up. If you’re about to start the moving process, one thing you might be worried about is glassware. Because of its fragility, it’s one of the easiest things to break in the jostle and hustle of the move. Here are four tips to keep in mind when moving glassware.

Methodically Line and Wrap

Use packing paper to line each box, scrunching it up so that it forms soft, flexible balls. Then line it with sheets of packing paper to create a makeshift shelf. Wrap each glass carefully in packing paper, and pack them together so that they are lightly touching. All of this will help to absorb any bumps your glasses have to experience. For stemmed glasses, always start by wrapping the stem—it’s the most fragile part of the glass, and the most likely part to break in a move. We also offer packing services in order to take this task off your hands which you can learn about, here!

Rule of Thumb: You Shouldn’t Feel an Edge

If you can feel your cups’ edges through their wrappings, the wrapping isn’t thick enough. Think of the way a delicate cup or vase is wrapped at a store to stay safe from jostling in your bag. If you’re ever unsure: add another layer of wrap. Similarly, once you’ve closed the box, check to see if the glasses clink or shift a lot when you gently shake the package. If so, you may need to go back and layer up.

Invest in Sturdy Boxes

Your cousin is right when she suggests that the grocery store can be a great place to find free cardboard boxes. For glassware, though, you need to make sure your boxes are extra sturdy. If you carefully pack up each item then place it in a paper-thin box that invites dents, you’ve wasted your time. Don’t forget to mark the box as “fragile”!

Pair Your Towels and Glassware Together

Cushioning is the difference between a porcelain bowl that arrives intact, and one that arrives in five thousand pieces. Moving your glassware and towels together can provide extra insulation for your valuable items. Wrap your glassware in towels and use them to fill any extra space, eliminating the chance for slips and slides. Glasses are less likely to be damaged if they can’t move around at all.

Need help? Roy’s Moving Solutions can transport your glassware quickly and safely. Give them a call at 617-202- 3300 to find out more or receive a free estimate.

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